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-Kundalini yoga teacher

-Integrative nutrition coach

-Landmark communication coach

-Reiki practitioner

-Master of Cosmoenergy

-Meditation teacher

-Vipassana facilitator




-NLP expert

-Life coach (Tony Robbins taught)

-Reiki practitioner 

-Magister of Cosmoenergy 

-Quantum therapist (Leonid Talpis taught)

-Metaphor Therapy practitioner

-Manifestation teacher

Hi! We are Olena and Liana, the founders of "SoulFull Retreats."

We facilitate the transformational experience for people on a daily basis, and we love being of service. We have done a lot of transformative work ourselves and love sharing our knowledge with others. Together we help people to transform their limitations into their personal power to enjoy life even more. ​

Striving to provide the most powerful transformation to people in the quickest and easiest way, we came to the discovery that nothing works better than the immersive process. We've been testing and tweaking it, and finally, we created this program that includes all the most effective modalities that support and compliment each other. The powerful experience will take into the realm of self-acceptance and self-love. It will help you to find peace of mind, creativity, and, of course, to have a lot of fun! We can't wait to share this exciting experience with you.  


Plant medicine ceremonies will let you meet your higher self, to hear your true voice. Breathwork and Kundalini yoga will release blocks in the physical body. Self Identity and manifestation techniques will help you with building a plan for fulfilling your purpose. You will learn how to manifest things that you want with fun and ease, and take these tools home.


You will enjoy yummy vegan meals and gentle detox that helps to stop cravings of unhealthy foods so that you can function on a whole new energy level. Yoga will help you stretch and align your body and align your spine that we all need in this technology using age. The unique venue where we will be staying provides the experience of the alive jungle that meets a private beach. Oh, and by the way, we are creating a platform for an elevating mastermind community.

That's what we wanted you to have. Don't miss your chance on putting your heart, body, and soul in alignment. These 9 days have the full potential to give you the life you want. 

We are happy to give you SoulFull.

Would you like to come on this exciting journey?

our venue

To take you to cloud nine of experience, SoulFull collaborates with the Goddess Gardens retreat. The  venue is unique because of the virgin jungle, and there is a private beach just in footsteps. This rare  place is located in the safest area of Costa Rica. Having such a space where you will be able to connect to nature is profoundly essential when having deep transformative experiences. The Goddess Garden oozes healing energy. The service team and hosting facility have over 10 years of excellency in hosting retreats. Multiple positive reviews speak for themselves.

Now you can relax and hand your tension to us.


We want to be WOWed by your stay with us! Pictures speak more than a thousand words. Swipe through the photos and imagine yourself if this gorgeous, relaxing yet adventurous setup.

Below you find more surprices that we prepared for you!

intelligent plants ceremonies

Experience an exciting meeting with your Divine self! Discover what limits hold you back in life and let go of your past wounds so that you can have a new future you desire. This experience brings people massive self-awareness and awakening of the soul. More and more doctors and celebrities become activists of plant medicine. Lately, the worldwide movement #ThankYouPlantMedicine was started, where so many people  shared their stories of self-healing to raise awareness. We invite you to experience all benefits plant medicine can provide to you in a safe and loving environment.

We are thrilled to give you our sacred healing plants facilitator, the amazing KeeRa.

She is a powerful and wise muse with extraordinary energy and inspiring superpowers. We hope you'll grow to appreciate her Divine presence as we did.

KeeRa is a highly experienced facilitator of transformational events. She brings together ancient technologies and entheogenic plants to expand consciousness. Her practice with different traditions of medicinal plants counts for 12 years — thousands of  people expanded the realm of their consciousness, awakening, and experienced self-healing in her graceful presence. 


KeeRa travels the world serving spiritual communities and weaving together the art of a ritual, meditation, shamanic traditions of Siberian lands, and Peruvian plant medicine work. She is a Priestess art of Kashmir Shaivism Tantra and Kundalini Yoga. KeeRa holds a Master's Degree in Spiritual Physiology from the University of Santa Monica. She studies classical Indian Music and infuses ceremonial art with mystical traditions of Sufism and Vajrayana Buddhism.

You would never guess how old is she. The time stopped for her.

Meet KeeRa

blind dining

Rediscover your body and reconnect to your senses in a new way!

We, humans, get stuck in our patterns and expectations, and we lose the appreciation for such simple yet important things, such as sight. We invite you to challenge your habits and default perception.


After your consciousness expands and you learn to feel your body in a deeper way, you will be guided through an exciting, intriguing, and sensual experience of blind dining.

Who knows what you will learn about yourself? :)

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